Monday, May 07, 2007


It was nice and sunny today and I decided to take the boys out in the double stroller so I could get some exercise and we could all get some air. I needed to stop at the bank (got my tax return, woohoo!) and on the way realized I was hungry. Hmm. The thought of French fries crossed my mind--I have not been to the pizza (and French fry) shop since my maternity leave, nor have any other members of the family. On mature reflection, I decided it was probably better that way. Then I heard Barak say something.

"K'I havea French fries please?"


Did I mention that we have not gone for French fries since AUGUST?!

What could I do? We went for French fries. Iyyar got his first taste of the dread delicious "food" item. We sat there munching. Barak said, pensively,

"I likea French fries. Iss very yummy."

"Yeah. I like them too. Do you know who else really likes French fries?"


"Grandma. Grandma really likes French fries. Whenever she comes to visit, we go get French fries."



"Grandma likes a French Fries?"


Pause for consideration.

"Grandma's very nice."

"Yup, she is."

Speaking of grandmas (the other one this time), our plane tickets came in the mail today, and I got our hotel confirmation e-mailed. Five weeks and six days to go.

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