Monday, May 28, 2007


Lately, Barak has taken to wanting to sleep in Abba's bed. He's never been a big one for sneaking into our bed, although he has had phases where he does it occasionally. For the last couple of weeks though, he's wanted to go to bed in our room. I've been letting him, because if it's taking Iyyar a while to fall asleep it's sometimes just easier to have Barak in another room. He gets transferred back to his own bed when it's time for us to go to bed, and is fine with that (although he does sometimes reappear in our room at around 6 am and clamber back in). Last night, he went to bed in our room, and at around 10 or so I went in there to get something.

And he was not in the bed. Just as I was trying to absorb this without panicking, I noticed a strange hand-shaped smudge on the footstool of the glider rocker. And that was when I realized that Barak was, in fact, asleep in the most awkward-looking position imaginable--half sprawled on the floor, half draped on the glider footstool, completely out.

All I can think is that he woke up enough to get up out of bed, started walking, got to the footstool, and fell back asleep rather than navigate around it. Not something I'd be able to do, myself, but I guess he's got those toddler powers.

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