Thursday, May 31, 2007


I feel like my blog has been kind of on the lame side lately. Not many posts, and the ones that I have put up have been hastily written and not really that well put together. What can I say--it's been busy, it's getting hot, Barak is in full-on kvetchy toddler mode and Iyyar is becoming quite the handful himself. Oh, and work is getting really really busy too.

So, sorry for the lack of quality blogging. Things at work should quiet down in about two years, so maybe it will get better then.


Juggling Frogs said...

I know I just 'got here', but I think this blog is anything BUT lame. I love your voice, the intimate portraits of your family life.

All the best,

Deborah said...

Your lame is better than most of my really trying. Anything to keep in touch!

jasmin said...

No worries. It's still interesting, really! I enjoy reading, even if I do it in batches instead of as regularly as I used to, and you're updating more than I am, so you're ahead of the game there, too.

Keep it up!

(BTW, what changes at work in 2 years, then?)