Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Now hiring

The position of Travel Companion to Hungarian Nursing Home is currently open, with the possibility of a second position. Potential candidates must be willing to travel light, hang out with little old ladies who don't speak English, and smile. A lot. Duties include baby-holding, polite nodding, and endless double-cheek-kissing. The ability to ride Hungarian buses without throwing up is a must; the ability to knit is a definite plus. Position start date: sometime in June. Benefits: the chance to see a part of Hungary you ain't never seen before. Salary: none, but aren't the benefits enough?

Interested applicants please leave details in the comments section.


Deborah said...

For how long are you going?

jasmin said...


I hope this position is open again sometime in the future. I can knit a little, eat almost anything, smile charmingly at old people who don't speak my language, and usually do pretty well on all forms of public transportation, so on the whole I'm quite well qualified. Sadly, I'm also currently otherwise committed...