Thursday, August 03, 2006

In which I continue to not blog about the war

Hey, look! Pictures!

What's this? Well, this is the computer from which I am writing this blog. It's new. It came last week, because I finally had to give back the laptop I borrowed from work about a year ago.

But that's not what's exciting. What's exciting is what's behind it:

the beautifullest curtains ever, which look sort of, well, schvach in this picture. Here's a closeup:

Better, huh? Imagine totally saturated pinks and purples and turquoises, cut through with lime green and yellow vines. Now imagine that you have them in a west-facing window. Now imagine the afternoon sun lighting up the vines... mmm.

And did I mention the sequins?


These are the curtains Deb made for me from fabric she got at a sari shop while she was here. I had to clean up the entire guest room to do them justice.

More pictures:

Our cat, standing on the guest-room bed. You can sort of see in the picture that it has lime green walls.

And yes, she really can shoot laser beams from her eyes. She's talented that way.

And what's this stunning cable pattern? It's the sweater that is stuffed in a plastic bag in an apartment somewhere in Sydney, waiting for its turn. When it's done, it's going to be mine!!

Some of my knitting, pre-bedrest (no, those are not my feet):

And the reason why I'm probably going to wait a long time for my Aran sweater (none of those are my feet either):


Sarah said...

Gorgeous curtains!!

Uberimma said...

Our guest room awaits you...

projgen said...

Those curtains are stunning! They are totally screaming to my inner hippie. And they'd go great in my guestroom ;)

Side business for you - make them & sell 'em on the 'net! I'd buy.

peninah said...

I'm drooling over here... from the curtains to the socks to cables.

(nice 'puter too!)

Anonymous said...

Cool cat, too!

- jasmin