Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two conversations

So mad!! So so mad!

I wrote a post. I wrote a long post. I wrote a long and funny post. Which I SAVED AS A DRAFT. And then published.

And then? Blogger ATE IT.

And now you will NEVER EVER KNOW how I got the cab driver to wear his seatbelt this morning OR what priceless gem of English was shared with me by one of Iyyar's classmates.

Because Blogger ATE MY POST.


Going to bed now. Gnnnnarrrgh!

PS. Cyndy, if you are reading, I think the Roman galleon has now officially been loved more than any other toy in the history of children's playthings. Just so you know. Also, I just bought the motor that attaches to it, and may actually let them attach it so that they can sail the thing on one of those gigantic puddles we now have outside. Historical accuracy? What's that? Stay tuned, as always, to this exciting channel.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, how frustrating! And now you've brought it up, of course I'm dying to know all about the seatbelt and the English usage, so I hope you'll have time (and inclination?) to do it again.

I write all my blog entries in Arachnophilia first, or as a gmail draft, and then upload to LJ, b/c I like to have my own record of it as well as a backup . . . just in case.

~ Jasmin

LC said...

Yeah - you got an Israeli cabbie to *wear his seatbelt* ?!?

Inquiring minds want to know! Impatience minds want to know now!

Anonymous said...

might I make a suggestions? write your posts in MSWord and then copy and paste into blogger. Then it can't eat it.


Cyndy said...

Hello! Yes, I have been reading. The idea of a motorized Roman galleon makes me laugh. I assume that it will be a big hit with the boys when it makes an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Apparently she wasn't kidding: now we will really never know :(

~ Jasmin