Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hey look at that!

When I post, more people read this blog! Who'd a thunk?

Avtalyon is currently rounding Hour Three of his afternoon/evening nap and oh yes I will regret this but I just can't bring myself to wake him up, because he's just out like a light and I know he'll be miserable if I haul him out of bed before he's ready. Random thoughts, without even prefatory numbers:

What is up with this Israeli school project of sticking clay on paper? Big mess, result too heavy to hang on fridge.

Barak's new tutor: awesome. He loves it. LOVES. Like, he is sad on days he does not have Morah Yocheved.

I spoke Hungarian on the bus today. Someone behind me was talking, in French-accented Hebrew, about the town of Kolozsvar/Klausenberg and all the different names it has. She pronounced the word "Kolozsvar" so correctly I turned around and said, in Hungarian, "But of course the real name for it is Kolozsvar." She agreed, in Hungarian, and we had a nice chat on the 21 bus that was going nowhere in the traffic nightmare that is now downtown Jerusalem. I know the light rail project is supposed to fix the traffic, eventually, but so far? Not so much. Of course, the train is not actually running yet, so we will see, I suppose.

Avtalyon is being delightful lately. Actually, everyone is, although Barak is in a testing phase of "what will happen if I ignore you?" Because he is, on a very fundamental level, a kid who wants to be good, my approach to this has been explaining to him why this is not nice and how it makes other people feel. Not sure how successful it's being, but I'm going to stick with it for a while.

Last night I Went Out With A Friend. On Motzai Shabbos. To a restaurant. Without children. This is an exceptionally exceptional thing for me to do, and it was fun, even though I got totally turned around on the way back and ended up having to take a taxi home. It is really important to go out with girlfriends and without kids once in a blue moon. I forget this sometimes.

I need to post about our daily routine. Maybe that'll be next. Also about our hasaa developments, which I will not call woes because they aren't really that bad, just inconvenient. But okay generally. Stay tuned.

Registered Avtalyon and Iyyar in gan for next year this morning. It took two trips, because I had not taken the forms for a direct debit to the bank in advance of coming, because last time I registered them for gan (in August) I did not need to. This time, I did. Fortunately I was able to fill out the forms at the branch on Ben Yehuda and go back to the iriya, thereby at least accomplishing something today. Which is always good.


shanna said...

YAY for the night out!!!

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Shanna's "YAY"!

Please do post about the daily routine. I find this sort of thing the most fascinating aspect of life in other countries. Probably why I get so intent on going to drug stores and (super)markets when I travel: I want to know what they eat for breakfast and what they call soda, etc.

And good job on the blog upkeep! Go go go :D

~ Jasmin