Thursday, January 06, 2011

Brush with the law

On Thursday, after I dropped off Barak at school, I kept going up the street to get to the Supersol a little bit farther up the road. Avtalyon was sick and wasn't drinking, and I wanted to get some juice and bananas to tempt him; I'd told MHH that I might be a little late, but thought I could just make it back home before 9. As it happened, circumstances conspired against me in the form, mostly, of a checkout clerk who was either new or had a bad case of OCD; I was stuck in line for more than half an hour, and when I was done was just about frantic because I knew how much MHH doesn't like being late to seder (and he couldn't leave till I got home, because he was home with a sick Avtalyon.) So there I was, racing back down the street toward Herzl, when I was stopped by--wait for it--a traffic cop.

Oh. No.

Except that I couldn't figure out what I had possibly done wrong. I hadn't been jaywalking. I hadn't crossed against the light. I was just hustling down the sidewalk outside of Shufersal, without having crossed any streets at all.

And then I realized what the traffic cop was lecturing me about.

She was telling me that it was too cold for my baby's ears, and I needed to put a hat on her.

רק בארץ!

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shanna said...

At least it wasn't a ticketing offense! Unless it which case I'm lucky we didn't get arrested for the way my children and I were dressed!