Thursday, June 14, 2007

Three days

till we leave.

I'm packed, mostly, and the house is cleaner than it was. The laundry is caught up with, thanks to MHH. My bag is sitting in the hall ready to go, and so is my husband's; Barak's bag is packed with his snacks and new Matchbox trucks. The monkey, of course, stays out till the last minute. I'm about to start cooking for Shabbos because of course I couldn't say no yesterday when MHH asked me if we could have a couple of the bocherim. Oh, and I made dinner tonight for a family with a new baby--dinner for seven people in addition to the four who live here. And I delivered it, in a milk crate tied to the top of my Snap n Go. With handspun, because that was the closest thing at hand. I think I should get bonus points for that one.

Okay. Need to cook now. Really really. Right now.

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Deborah said...

And are you feeling all better and fit to wrestle with a toddler all the way to Hungary?

Will be praying for a safe, uneventful journey and wonderful time with your grandma.