Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This morning, nursing a just-woken-up Iyyar, I got a runny nose. "Barak, could you get me a tissue please?" Barak is a fabulous helper who, 90% of the time, really likes running errands. This time, however, he couldn't find the tissues--they were there, but not in the usual spot--and he came back with one square of toilet paper. I had a really runny nose to which said square of toilet paper turned out to something less than adequate. Barak watched my difficulties, impressed. "There's a lot of boogers in there," he commented. "Yep," I said. "Here," he said, offering me a longer piece of toilet paper. "Wanna have some more?"


Juggling Frogs said...

These intimate moments are made even more poingnant by the realization that in a couple of years, they get too embarassed to have Mommy blow kisses from the car.


Deborah said...

Hope you are all better before the trip. Are you packing yet?

BTW, took the Jewish cooking book out from the library. I have one book of mid-eastern cooking--quite a good one. But this beats it hands down. It will go on the shopping list.