Thursday, October 09, 2008


Look what Cecilia made me!

I'm so excited. :)

(You have to be on ravelry to follow the link. It's a swallowtail shawl, made in red Kauni. Aren't I lucky?)

Wonder how long it will take to get here from Australia...

Cecilia and I have both concluded that there is an inverse correlation between time available for knitting and desire to purchase yarn. I have, currently, pretty much no time to knit. This doesn't mean that I don't knit, it just means that I sneak time for knitting that I should be spending folding laundry or sleeping. It also means that on many of the nights that I am up into the wee hours writing speeches that someone else couldn't have their act together to request in a timely manner, I tally up the pay for those overtime hours and think, "Well, I could use just a little bit of that and get..." and put in an order for a ball of yarn. I know ALL the places that have free shipping.

When Deb came a couple of weeks ago (still haven't blogged about that! and be careful, if you follow the link, don't scroll down too far, because if you do you will find a truly disgusting picture of degloved squirrels. In a pot. You have been warned.) she commented on the size of my stash and the fact that it would probably take me the rest of my life to knit through it at my current rate. I muttered something noncommittal and hoped she would be out when the mailman arrived. She wasn't, and saw how much Noro I'd bought from the littleknits sale. But being a true knitter, not only did she not hold it against me, she started hankering after some Noro of her own. So it was all ok. :)

In case you're wondering how much sock yarn I have, I have this much:

Not that bad. Most of the bottom shelf isn't even sock yarn, and ergo doesn't count. Or maybe it's the sock yarn that doesn't count? Well, whatever. See that red on the second to bottom shelf? That's my shawl now. The wheel in the lower left corner is Iyyar's tricycle, or "bikull!" as he calls it.

Back to cleaning the kitchen. And then maybe a couple of rows on my Cobblestone. Before I start making Shabbos. Because we're having guests.

And I haven't even gone shopping yet.


Anonymous said...

Speeches requested in a timely manner? In what alternate universe? Is this the alternate reality that includes more time for knitting and spinning and less time for work? If so, how can I get there?

Ooh, I've always wanted to try knitting a swallowtail shawl. Looks gorgeous in that red Kauni. You absolutely deserve it!

shanna said...

Why oh why oh WHY didn't I trust you about not scrolling down?

I wish you lived nearby. I'm barely cooking for Shabbat (though going crazy for Sukkot...the drawback of having your own sukkah in a community like this is that it comes with guilt that forces you to fill it up with guests for every single yom tov meal) - so I would totally make a dish or two for you & your guests.

Deborah said...

Oh, ladies, naked squirrels. My husband says to think of them as naked chickens. With tails. Except their tails have been removed.
Think about them as thin, long-bodied chickens.

Now, onto another subject, exhibiting my knitting ignorance.
What, oh, what, are "nupps"?