Thursday, October 30, 2008


Before I forget...

At playgroup, Iyyar learned that immortal Jewish children's classic, "Dip the Apple in the Honey."
Lyrics, sung to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine," run thusly:

Dip the apple in the honey
Make a bracha loud and clear
Shana tova u'mesuka
Have a happy sweet new year.

You know how there's a school of thought that toddlers are basically cavemen and need to be addressed as such? Well, Iyyar clearly belongs to the caveman school of songwriting, because his version of the above, rendered always at earsplitting volume, runs:



miriamp said...

Sounds like Tehilla's rendition of row row your boat. (ro ro ro bo mery.) Except since Simchas Torah she's been going around singing hinei at the top of her lungs. (Just the one word.) Better than her rendition of min hameitzar, which is just the word "anani."

miriamp said...

Nechama, on the other hand, is a very verbal three and has been wandering around playing with a singing dreidel.

Since it's just the music, she fills in the words of a slightly different chanukah song my kids picked up from a (very strange) Jewish Mother Goose type book:

I made a little latke
I made it out of clay
But when I tried to eat it
My tummy said, "oh vey!"