Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things that still surprise me

1. Identifying myself to my friends' children as Mrs. Uberimma.

2. Saying, "I need to be home by quarter to eight, my husband has night seder."

3. Paying for my milk and vegetables in school money.

4. Being recognized on the street, and greeted, by four-year-olds.

5. Having other people's kids hanging out at my house.

6. Packing lunches for my kids, every night.

7. Writing mitzva notes.

8. Sending Barak over to the men's side to find Abba.

9. Picking my kid up at nursery school, with all the other mothers.

10. Lighting five candles.

When we were waiting at the emergency room on Thursday, me and Iyyar and Ada, I saw Iyyar climb up on something perilous to check out the fish in the fish tank. He was two steps away, so I jumped up and had my hands out before he fell. I heard someone say, "Wow, she's fast." And Ada said, "She has three boys."

And that surprised me, too. It surprises me still.


shanna said...

All beautiful. But one comment - I assure you that if you had two boys and a girl, or even three girls, you'd move just as quickly. :)

LC said...

Some of it still surprises me - and we've reached double digits. Some of the wonder never quite goes away. The hard part is enjoying it while you're too exhausted to sleep!

Yasmin said...

Suggestion: when you're thinking you want to blog but are short of inspiration, tell us how being a kollel wife is different from your routine and all before. That would be very interesting.