Monday, September 29, 2008

12:54 AM

This is what's in the freezer downstairs, mostly courtesy of Deb's visit with her daughter last week:

-six doughless potato knishes
-three carrot kugels
-four pans of stuffed cabbage
-two pans of meatloaf
-a lot of challah
-some chicken soup (not enough, but it'll have to do)

In the fridge:

-parve cream of asparagus soup
-the corn/black bean salad I always make

Cooling on the table:

-one large and three small onion kugels
-a big pan of peanut butter rice krispie treats (I don't like them, but certain husbands do)
-one big pan and two small pans of chocolate rice krispie treats (yum!)

To be made tomorrow:

-round raisin challah
-chicken schnitzel--I was going to do it tonight but the chicken isn't thawed yet
-gefilte fish (stick in oven and bake)
-a castle cake, if I have time, which I recognize I may not. I've got plenty of dessert (see above) but castle cakes are a big deal around here. I even bought some candy to decorate one with.

Paper goods, paper towels, grape juice and seltzer: check. Pomegratates, kiwis and mangos for new fruit: check. Elmo paper plates for the preschool set: check. Candy for shofar-blowing pekelach purposes: check. MHH is planning a supermarket run with Barak, via bus, tomorrow morning to pick up the necessary supply of Shabbos yogurts, without which no yom tov can be complete. He may also get a roast; I was going to buy one last week, cheaped out, and then regretted it; Rosh Hashana comes once a year and I can afford one roast a year. Vicky, B"H, is scheduled to come at 1 tomorrow, so my plan of attack is to finish cooking in the morning while Asnat is here, work in the afternoon while MHH is home, and, ideally, turn off my computer at 5 pm to a clean house full of yummy food.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Gmar chasima tova, everyone. Only good things.


Yasmin said...

That's not all just for you, is it?! Good grief, but the sideboards will be groaning, woman!

All the best.


LC said...

G'mar chasima tovah!

We had no guests for R"H, but will have the next 2 Shabbasos plus a few Sukkos meals - 2 confirmed, 2 to be scheduled, . . so I'm working on my kugel stash.