Friday, August 01, 2008

More firsts

Iyyar's first really complete sentence, as of about five minutes ago.

Background (as always): as some of you may know I have, er, a certain fondness for Diet Coke. Nothing, you know, addiction-like or anything, certainly. Just a healthy--um--I mean--a fondness. Right.

Anyway... where were we. Oh yes. So, while Barak sees me drink Diet Coke and has long since accepted that he never, ever gets any, Iyyar has not given up hope. But he knows that the direct ask will get him nowhere. So he tries subterfuge. He doesn't want Diet Coke--no no. He wants water. That water, that I have. The kind that just happens to be cold, black and fizzy. And in a Diet Coke bottle.

I just came back from dropping Barak off at gan and was sitting at the kitchen table drinking what my mother used to refer to as the Elixir of Life when Iyyar noticed. "Amma? Water? Please?"

"Nice try, Iyyar. No. That's not for you."

Brightly and winningly: "That water! That water please!"

"No. Sorry. Not a chance."

Lifting froggy cup, eyes fixed purposely on prize, leaning forward in high chair, "I want that water in here!"

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Yasmin said...


So how did you solve the positive reinforcement vs. "not for you" conundrum?