Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look out, world...

Six months and a few days. For the record, Barak sat unassisted for the first time at around 8.5 months; both Barak and Iyyar started crawling at 10.5. Avtalyon isn't quite crawling, in that he hasn't worked out coordinating the movement of arms and legs at the same time. What he does, instead, is get up on all fours in sort of a downward dog yoga pose, push off with his feet, and propel himself a few inches forward on his belly; then he does the Baby Swim a little and starts the whole routine over. He can move quite a ways like this, with surprising speed.

Barak is loving camp, much more than he liked gan, probably because there is much less sitting still and doing of projects involved. And now that Barak is out of the house in the mornings again, I am having more of that one-on-one time with Iyyar that I was enjoying so much. Today, for the first time, he said "please"--not "bee" but actually "please." And he gave me bunches of hugs, when I sat on the floor, pretending to cry, and asked for them. The favorite word of the day, though, is "gawquit." As in, Iyyar spies jar of Nutella on counter and wants some: "Imma? Gawquit?" And then, winningly and irresistibly, "Please?"


Yasmin said...

Wow, that . . . that's a real little person there, in those pictures! Wow. Locomotion.

And speech development too! What a lot of adventures in motherhood. I'm a little jealous: I definitely don't want to have more children but that daily development was such a rush and so much fun. Congrats on being able to experience it and I'm glad you're attuned to it all.

Oh, and I bought a jar of Nutella today, for when Robbie comes to stay with us for a week again on Saturday and stays through science camp. Which means I pack lunches. Healthy ones. But with one Nutella sandwich.

LC said...

My early crawler (@6 months dragging belly, by 6.5 months standard crawling) didn't stay put long enough to officially sit, balancing himself upright, until 7 months - I'd balance him on his bottom on the floor and let go, and he'd lean into the floor and crawl off without ever *sitting* first.

Both before 6.5 months is *very* cool. He's delicious, enjoy!