Friday, August 15, 2008

Not for those with fear of heights

That's Iyyar, on our mirpeset. To the left of him, outside of the picture, is Jerusalem; to the right is a whole lotta desert. After I checked out this apartment for the first time and went back to Ramat Beit Shemesh, I tried to explain to my husband what it looked like here.
"It's really... biblical." I said. "Well, I mean, of course it's biblical. It's Israel. But it's biblical in a kind of apocalyptic way. It's just really, really, really intense."
Which it is.
Biblical. And intense.


Deborah said...

But what a great way to see all the different parts of a country. And home might even seem--green.
I won a bid for a companion fare coupon--much more than what your friend-- but still more than 1/2 less the cost of Is's ticket. ...Now much wait its arrival in order to set dates...

Yasmin said...

It does look both intense and biblical. And hot. And after 3 years in the Mojave, I'm afraid I don't find it in the least appealing. Deserts do have a beauty all their own, but 3 summers of 120+ temps mean that all I can think of is how hot they will get. And how badly my body deals with that.