Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've said it before

and will say it again: if we'd never so much as washed a dish in that thing, the dishwasher we bought when we moved into this apartment would still be worth every penny we paid for it. It would also even be worth the grief of the cockroaches (eww) we briefly had to deal with as a result of the water pipes' having been opened.

Avtalyon, who has learned his big brothers' trick of falling asleep nursing/in my arms and then waking up ten minutes after being put down, is currently totally passed out in the carseat in front of the dishwasher, which is now washing the same load of dishes for the second time.

Last night was better sleep-wise than Friday night, but not as good as earlier in the week: he woke up to eat every 2-3 hours from 10 till 4:30, but then decided to be completely awake and perky at 5 am. Every time I put him down, I'd hear those snuffling baby noses, and then I'd look in the cosleeper to see those bright beady little eyes looking up at me. Hi there, Imma! In case you haven't noticed, I'm awake, and that dark ceiling is not providing me with much in the way of stimulation. Do you think you could possibly find me a somewhat more interesting view? A perky-in-the-middle-of-the-night baby is, clearly, much better than a screaming-in-pain baby, but still not conducive to sleep.

Since I'd had a hard time getting to sleep (due to headache now in what, its 17th straight day?) I got to 7:30 am--big boys' wakeup time--with about three and a half cumulative hours of sleep. Not good. But Abba fielded everyone for a few hours later in the morning, so I got a nap, and then this afternoon I got brave and actually went shopping with Iyyar traveling solo in the double jogger and Avtalyon snoozing in the Snugli. It went fine--Avtalyon stayed asleep and Iyyar enjoyed the pita bread he scored at the grocery score. And this evening, I not only managed to cook dinner (whole-wheat couscous with spinach and cheese--what else?) but handled bedtime on my own. Nobody got a bath, but at least bedtime happened without screaming and with brushed teeth--enough of an accomplishment with a four-week-old, I think.


Yasmin said...

Good grief, woman, but you are amazing. I hope you realize that.

Yasmin said...

BTW, I have to admit to a little confusion with the Hungarian since the "post comments" page apparently got redesigned. There's a lot more of it (the Hungarian, I mean). And since I've been away from computers and their comments pages for a few months now, I can't remember the setup. So my little 2-sentence posting took a ridiculous amount of time, as I looked at the buttons at the bottom of the screen. None of the words that appear on either of the buttons is linguistically related to any of the words I know in any of my languages, as far as I can tell. So there's the big button that seems to say "click me!" invitingly, but it's red-ish, which usually means "cancel"... and the blue button is closer to green-means-go, but it's smaller.

I guess I chose the correct 50% odds, huh. (For the record, it was the big orange one.)