Sunday, February 17, 2008

7 lb 2 oz!

I think I completely neglected to mention the whole thing about the baby not gaining weight. When I took him in to the pediatrician two days after we got out of the hospital, she pointed out that he'd lost two ounces since then. She wanted us to bring him back in in two days for a weight check, which I wasn't so into, given the weather, lack of car, &c. So I borrowed a baby scale and for the last two weeks have been waking the baby up every three hours (four at night) to make him eat whether he wants to or not. Much sadistic diaper-changing, tummy-tickling, and clothing-changing has been involved, and even--gasp--the occasional mean mean mean bath. It took a while to get him moving back in the right direction--he stayed at around 6 lb 4 oz for another few days, which delayed his bris by another few days, but B"H he has been moving up at least an ounce a day since

Anyway, as of this evening he is past his birthweight--woohoo! So, celebrating with a picture of Avtalyon modeling the very lovely baby blanket knit for him by Grandma E. I ended up not blocking it--it is an allover rib pattern, and in its unblocked state it is a nice squishy mat for putting on the floor for the baby to lie on.

I didn't really say anything about the bris, did I. It was nice, and the part I was most worried about--getting all of us to the shul by 7:30 am in subzero weather and a foot of snow, sans car--went over fine. I got the boys up at 6:30 and Barak, with his eyes on the prize ("We're gonna eat cake at the bris, right Imma?") was extremely cooperative. The baby cried less at the bris than he does at an average diaper change, and I was hiding in the shul kitchen with Barak, who was taking turns with his buddy climbing up and down the stepstool he found in there. As happened last time, my friend Chana ran around doing all the practical stuff for me--buying the paper goods and the orange juice, and setting up the night before, etc. By way of thanks I ordered her kids some goodies off of, and tomorrow we are going over there to have a Lego party with everybody--for which Barak and I made a castle cake this afternoon.


miriamp said...

ooh, he's so cute!

LC said...

What Miriam said. :)