Monday, December 03, 2007

Tichel storage

Does anybody out there have a good way of storing tichels (headscarves)? I currently have a pretty large drawer crammed with them, courtesy of my friend who spent the summer in Israel, found a place that sold them for 8 shekel each, and brought me back thirty--that's right, thirty--of them. (But as I like to point out, my entire expansive tichel collection still costs less than one good sheitel. Or even one cheap one.) When my tichels live in my drawer they a) get wrinkled and b) hide from me when I'm looking for the only one I own that matches whatever it is I'm wearing. Besides that, they're pretty, and it's sort of a shame to hide them all in there. I googled "tichel storage" and, oddly enough, came up with nothing.



k said...

I really have no qualifications for answering this post--but when has that ever stopped me before?

What if you got one of those wooden storage drawers from Big Box Bath and Housewares, and then one of those plastic expandable sock organizer things that looks like a big diamond-patterned honeycomb? Then you could roll your tichels up and store each one in a cubby. They may still get wrinkled, though. I think each storage "cube" is only 3" x 3" or something small like that.

miriamp said...

You'd think I'd have some ideas, right? But I, unfortunately, have a similar drawer stuffed with tichels, snoods, and hats. Tie rack?

Flan said...

I'm delurking with suggestions (I grabbed them off the Container Store website, but I'm sure they're available elsewhere.) Like K, I really have no qualifications to answer this, but I do have a healthy collection of accessory scarves for my suits for work...

There's a motorized tie/belt rack which might work:

A simpler piece is this:

Or there's this cool hanger thing ( you might need a few though!)

Flan said...

Bah- my links didn't work!

On the container store website, the products are called, in order:
Tie-o-matic belt and tie rack
Classico vertical tie and belt rack
Walnut 10 scarf hardwood hanger.

miriamp said...

Flan, your links do (sort of) work. If you highlight them, going just past the end of the line, and then paste into a browser, you get the whole link. It just doesn't show in the comment.

Or you can actually code them in in html like this:
Tie-o-matic belt and tie rack

Classico vertical tie and belt rack

Walnut 10 scarf hardwood hanger.

s said...

Clothesline stretched out of the boys' reaches but within your own and clothespins? Or place an over-the-door hook on the inside of a closet door and run a double length of clothesline down that with tichels clothespinned to that?

persephone said...

yet another from the container store - this one holds 28, so close!!

the openings look like they might be kind of small, but i bet if you rolled the tichels the long way before putting them in you'd avoid wrinkles.

oh, and i'm not qualified to answer this either. much as i love tichels on other people, they make me look like something out of fiddler on the roof.