Friday, August 31, 2007

The updated tally

Three broccoli kugels (two huge, one 8" round, made with four and a half pounds of non-bodek broccoli and a semi-functional hand blender, so imagine the mess at your peril). One corn kugel. One more pumpkin kugel. One 8" square meatloaf, still in oven. Cholent. Parve cream of asparagus soup, which MHH and I ate for a late supper (so! green! the first green thing I have eaten in days!). Green beans and onions, in the fridge for tomorrow night. Gefilte fish--that I just unwrapped and baked. I'm looking around my kitchen to see if I missed anything. I might have--there are too many dirty dishes around to be able to see many surfaces in here.

I did not get to making challah. I might do it tomorrow, or I might not. I didn't make the chicken for tomorrow night, but I should have time in the afternoon. What I really need to do now (well, sleep, but besides the obvious) is clean my kitchen so that all the fleishig dishes aren't out when my babysitter arrives in far too few hours.


jasmin said...

Maybe it's b/c I'm hungry and most of my kitchen is packed away now, but that all sound especially yummy, even the stuff I'm not sure about identifying.

Do you have a recipe you like for onion kugel? I'm intrigued. Never had it. (Or any type of kugel at all, as far as I know, but somehow onions sound especially tempting.)

Deborah said...

Wow. Makes me tired just reading the lists.

Deborah said...

Oh, and I love your lists. I try to figure out what has been updated. This was only the second time I read it, but I found a few new ones. I think.