Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have, besides the Rice Krispie Treats (chocolate and peanut butter chocolate) that I made this afternoon: one pan of turkey meatballs, two pans (one large and one small) of onion kugel, one pan of pumpkin kugel, and two pans of brownies (still in the oven). It could have been better, but it's late, I didn't get much sleep last night (did I mention Iyyar's toxic diarrhea? no? probably just as well), and I have an incredible amount of work to do tomorrow, followed by (yes!) more cooking tomorrow night. We are having guests this Shabbos, one sleeping here and three more just here for lunch. And I still need to clean, etc.

But I did get all the shopping done, and at least now I've made a start on the cooking. It's much better than still being in denial. I've got almost two weeks--IY"H it'll all get done, one way or another.


shanna said...

I have done zero cooking, zero shopping, and no planning besides "I should make a ginormous brisket so I can freeze half." So you are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me...

miriamp said...

And me!

10 people to feed if we don't have guests (okay, one I just nurse but anyway) and while I do have three square pans of potato kugel and several flavors of cake in the freezer... oh, and three containers of chinese food leftover from "(Great)Grandma is coming to visit and 'doesn't want to be any trouble,' so go buy lots and lots of food (on her tab) that the grownups will really enjoy but the kids probably won't even touch so I can pretend that I'm not cooking when I throw something together to feed all the children and my MIL (who can't have anything with multiple ingredients) and serve everyone else the yummy restaurant food."

I so have to add to my freezer stock, and I never ever never cook chicken or beef ahead (and Aaron makes the cholent, generally) but maybe I should learn how. And this Shabbos is Chana's birthday, (she'll be 9) so she gets to pick the cake and she chose three different flavors! Which will deplete the freezer stock somewhat, but that was purposeful, so I wouldn't attempt making three kinds of cake all on Friday while doing other cooking!