Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One more thing

I forgot about this conversation between me, Barak, and Nephew #3.

Scene: Back bedroom. Barak is about to dump some toys on top of Uncle Yaakov's nice black hat, which is sitting on top of a plastic chest of drawers. I stop Barak.

Me: No! Barak, don't do that. If you put things on Uncle Yaakov's hat, you'll squish his hat.

Nephew #3: It's okay. My tatty has lots of hats.

Me: Well, he still might not like it if one gets squished.

Nephew, to Barak: Does your tatty have a hat?

Barak: I not gonna squisha hat.

Me: He has hats, but he doesn't have a big black hat like your tatty.

Nephew #3: Why not?

Me: Because if he did he would probably squish it.

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