Friday, February 03, 2012


Before Marika was born, and before Avtalyon was born, I bought my kids some presents. New babies don't care about presents (their mothers enjoy them, but the babies couldn't care less). But their siblings? They are a different story. I think before Avtalyon was born I'd bought a ton of Beanie Babies for Barak and Iyyar, since they were really into those at the time. When Marika was born, there was a lot of Playmobil, since that was what kept everyone happy and quiet.

This time? Books. I bought a lot of books. Tzomet Sefarim had a sale that ended yesterday, with 4 books for NIS 100. Most of the books on the kids' sale table were hardcover and quite a few of them were hardcover comic books (Asterix, Tintin, Petie Pete) or creepy graphic novels (Bone). I made three trips to the store and I filled out our collections of all of the above. Then on Tuesday, when I had promised Iyyar lunch at the bus station, we did one last run.

Did I tell you about lunch? I don't think so. Iyyar had a star chart, see. It was a chart with a mere seven spots on it, where for each day that he stopped and looked at me when I called his name, without making faces, he got a star. He did great with it. He got a star every day. What did he want for his prize?


Oh go on, guess.

He wanted a Happy Meal.

Yes, that's right. We brought our children 8,000 miles to live in Jerusalem so they could have Happy Meals at McDonald's.

(Whatever works. Seriously.)

Anyway, after the English speech therapy eval on Tuesday (which was really fun, unlike speech eval #1, and which he aced and which left him feeling happy and with some cool stickers on his shirt), we went to the bus station. We had our lunch (Happy Meal for him, Burger's Bar for me, thank you very much) and trooped down to the bookstore to get some more books. I picked two, he picked two. His were comics. Mine were both books with more words and less pictures, designed for Racheli (new member of the DN3 cast of characters! More on her anon). One of them was Fantastic Mr. Fox, in Hebrew.

Which Barak discovered when he got home from school today. And read, in one evening, in Hebrew. And summarized for me, pretty accurately, in English. Conclusion: "And the three guys just sit in the rain with their guns outside the foxes' door forever while the animals are eating all their food!"



Anonymous said...

Happy post! Hooray for Iyyar, hooray for Barak, and always hooray for Imma.

By the way, is there anything on the McD's menu in Israel that is different from US? I nearly never eat at the Scottish Restaurant here but we always go abroad, because it's so interesting to see what they get that we don't.

~ Jasmin

uberimma said...

Jasmin--falafel! Of course. I can't imagine why anyone would order it, since there is real falafel in the same food court that costs less and has to be fifty times better, but it's there.

Anonymous said...

Falafel! Ha ha! I agree about not going to order it at McD's when you can get the real stuff better elsewhere, but when I do finally come to visit you I will have to do that all the same. In the name of scientific research. And, of course, compare it to good falafel!

~ Jasmin

Deborah said...

Glad to hear the second visit went better.