Saturday, February 18, 2012

39 weeks 2 days

Thursday night, I wrote a speech. By the time I was done I was timing contractions 8 minutes apart. I sent the speech at 3 am saying, "I think I'm going to go have a baby now" and went to bed fully expecting to wake up a few hours later, head to the hospital, and, you know, have a baby.

Instead, I woke up at 9 am to no contractions at all.

Now it's Saturday night and they're picking up a bit but still not doing anything definitive.

Dum dee dum.

In the meantime, we had OT eval number 2 with Iyyar on Thursday and it was good. I mean, it was good in that it was thorough, the OTs (there were two of them) inspired confidence, and they seemed to "get" Iyyar. They asked a lot of the kinds of questions where you get the feeling that they know more than you do--you know the kind, the questions that seem completely random to you but you answer "uh, actually, now that I think about it... yes."

Anyway, they confirmed that Iyyar has a lot of sensory issues, and they think that this is a big part of what's going on with him. Yes, they said, they could have been there but not causing much trouble until a few months into last year, for a few reasons. And they think that starting OT and a sensory diet will help. They also think he needs play therapy because OT alone is not going to deal with the anxiety. All of this is going to be out of pocket, but if it helps, it will be worth it. We (me and Mr. Bigfoot) have a full meeting scheduled with the OTs tomorrow night, and a first appointment for therapy on Tuesday at 2. The logistics of this are going to be really, really daunting, but these are the first people I've met whom I trust and that's the only time they have available so that's what we're going to do. Somehow.

In other news, I got a phone call from Barak's teacher today. Barak has not done homework in two weeks. I knew this, because I officially stopped taking responsibility for his homework two weeks ago. I told him I was sick of fighting with him over it and it was now his problem. He can do it himself now, and if he can't he always has the option of going up to the beit midrash and asking Abba or one of the bochrim for help. He doesn't; he'd rather play. This is understandable. He is a 7 year old boy. However, he's a 7 yo boy in a Torani school that goes till 3:45 and expects an hour of homework nightly. Whether or not this is reasonable, it's what he's stuck with till June. His teacher wanted to know what the story was before she cracked down on him; I said, feel free to crack down. So tomorrow, he's going to get a talking-to at school; when he comes home, he's going to get a snack and get dispatched to the beis medrash. If he shows up at school without any homework, he's going to get punished, although I have zero idea what that actually entails. No recess? Trip to principal? I hope we don't find out.


Anonymous said...

He's only 7, for goodness' sake. Just because he has needy younger siblings doesn't mean he's not needy himself. I feel your pain.

Sam said...

I like your blog, even though I don't know what a lot of the words mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused about what kind of "sensory problems" we're facing here. Overwhelming sensory input? Insufficient sensory input? I'd've thought insufficient, w/ that thing about the tons o' snot, but a "sensory diet" suggests the opposite, of cutting back on the sensory input.

RE. homework: I am now much more involved in a 14 y.o. boy's hw than I thought I would need to be. We have a spreadsheet he updates daily of what assignments were given that day, when due, when turned in, and comments. I check this daily. He's also supposed to send me PDFs or scans of each completed assignment, which should start happening tomorrow, after the Pres. Day holiday. Very irritating to have to do this but at least it's having the effect of a much lower percentage of missing assignments than last semester. I hope we don't have to do this all through high school, though.

~ Jasmin