Monday, June 27, 2011

While we're on the subject

Mr. Bigfoot went to the bank for me this morning. He got a new password and also a printed statement, which he went through with the bank guy. Where did all that money go? Turns out Orange has been billing us almost exactly twice what they should be. I called them and of course, they said that because I agreed to be billed twice what I was told I was getting billed, they could do nothing. They are billing me EIGHT HUNDRED SHEKEL A MONTH. Go ahead, convert that into dollars.

Fainted yet?

So now I have to go in there, in person, tomorrow, and argue. In Hebrew. And probably get nowhere. Again.


Barak was supposed to go to a friend's house. Said friend's mother just called and said that he wasn't there. I think he went with the wrong friend's father, and this said friend's father does not have a cell phone. I hope he gets home soon, because actually, I have no way of knowing where he is. I'm pretty sure he's with the other father, and it's OK. And in the meantime, I invited friend A here tomorrow afternoon. Because I am a lunatic. And I want my son to have friends.


Iyyar went to gan this morning, in that he got in the car of the neighbor who has been driving him. Then I got a call saying that he was refusing to get out of the car. Neighbor drove him back home.

He'd better not really be in that gan next year, like the registration form I just got in the mail says he is.

I know! How about if I turn this blog into all whining, all the time? How would that be?



miriamp said...

Remind me again who Orange is and why they get to bill you in the first place? Because if they billed you all that extra you should have a sizeable balance with them and at the very least they wont have to bill you anything for a very long time, since you've already paid them.

Hatzlacha on tying down all your various loose ends - at least you know where that money went now. Hope the gan confusion is easier to straighten out.

Safranit (Safra-knit) said...

FIghting Orange is possible, but it will be a hard job. You might need to take them to small claims court. Miriam: they are the Cellphone company.