Monday, June 27, 2011

For the record

Here's my kitchen, circa Pesach, ergo the taped cupboards. In fairness, I do now have a double-burner hotplate to cook on, and a somewhat larger and fully functional fridge. The rest is the same, except that the contact paper on the counter is coming apart and needs to be replaced.

Top toaster oven is dairy, bottom one is parve. They're so small you can't use them for both. The shelf over the sink is the one that I had my Shabbos dishes on when we first came. That's how I found out it wasn't strong enough to hold more than about five pounds.


AidelMaidel said...

I am so sorry this is hard. Please tell your friends in the blogosphere what we could do to help. I know "A Mother In Israel" is there, maybe she could be your interpreter? Take a day or so to be with you while you deal with offices? Just an idea...

HUGS from NYC. Tell us what we can do and we'll do it.


Anonymous said...

I like AidelMaidel's idea of getting someone who speaks the language and maybe knows the system a little more to go along and help; is that possible? If I were coming anyway I would go along with you and just glower silently at them and refuse to get up and go away until you were satisfied. People have been known to give in out of sheer irritation at my continued presence. (It's a trick I learned from my father, only he smiles when he does it.)

More hugs,