Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I didn't get much actual writing today, but I did get a lot of other stuff done.

1. Had meeting with HR regarding planned maternity leave.

2. Had meeting with main client regarding same. He was, surprisingly, unperturbed.

3. Finalized arrangements to have friend cover leave for me, for which she will get paid 2.5 times what I do. I don't think I'm getting any kickbacks, though. Ahem.

4. Called heating/cooling company to schedule clean and check of furnace/AC, which we haven't done for almost two years. It's all working fine, and the system is less than five years old, but it's a good idea, etc. They'll be here Thursday.

5. This isn't exactly productivity, but spent fifteen minutes happily scoping out the yarn store near work. I don't go there often, just because I don't have the time, but sometimes I get to indulge. Didn't buy anything.

6. This is not my productivity, but yesterday and today MHH made some phone calls regarding our hoped-for move to Israel next year. All were positive, and he'll be going to NY to discuss some aspects of this further. I'll know in a few weeks if there's what to talk about there, but so far, so good.

7. Cleaned kids' room and put away laundry. Yes, I still had un-put-away laundry from before the Nine Days.

8. Paid a bunch of bills. Where does the money go? I know where it goes. Food. It all goes on food. And none of it is eating out. It goes on milk, cheese, vegetables, grape juice, nondairy substitutes for milk, and rice. Many hundreds of dollars a month. Every month. And nobody is even a teenager! How is this possible? We are so not extravagant in our food purchases. I even make my own hummus, because it's so much cheaper (and, okay, tastes better). But still. We spend SO MUCH MONEY on food! And diapers, although right now Iyyar isn't going through nearly as many of those...

In other news, Iyyar threw up this afternoon, massively. I'm hoping it's because he drank too much prune juice this morning. That could do it, right? Right? He hasn't thrown up in months, so I'm hoping it's not part of whatever is going on with him GI-wise.


Deborah said...

Packing. Packing for your trip should be on your list of productive things to do. Looking forward to seeing you all...

miriamp said...

Hmm, yes, #4 -- on my to-do list for "summer." Lo and behold, it appears to be summer!

shanna said...

Do you REALLY want to do the math on #3? Factoring in health insurance and SS and everything?

You have a very appreciative friend. Who really, really, REALLY needs to find more childcare.