Thursday, April 10, 2008

T minus one week

One week till Pesach and the house is not much farther along than it was a week ago. I did our room, my closet, my husband's closet, the back bedroom and its closet, and the front hall closet. Left to do: the living room, the kids' room, and oh yes, the kitchen.

I made meatballs for tonight and tomorrow night's dinners; I'm also planning a giant stir-fry for Shabbos with all the half-used bags of vegetables in the freezer. We got our dairy order today and now have 84 little Mehadrin yogurts in the fridge. This may sound like overkill until you realize that a) I am turning my kitchen over Sunday night and b) Barak basically lives on yogurt, bananas, and cheese on Pesach. Last year he also ate a lot of Pesach brownies but I don't do Pesach baking personally. I'd rather just eat chocolate and strawberries. We also have 5 lb of cheese, three containers of cottage cheese and two of sour cream--I like latkes on chol ha'moed Pesach. Why not?

Today I shopped for nonperishables at the kosher grocery near us and I'm glad I did, because I got the very last of the whole wheat matzo meal. Which was, I should mention, the only matzo meal left. Yep--they'd sold out of matzo meal and were not getting any more in. I did not get any shmura--that's next on the list.

Goal for tomorrow: clean kids' room for Pesach and go into Shabbos with some semblance of order. On Sunday, Vicky (whom I still cannot bring myself to call my cleaning lady because I can't handle sounding that... bourgeois) will be here for six hours while MHH takes Barak and Iyyar anywhere that isn't here. If Avtalyon lets me, we're going to do the living room and as much of the kitchen as we can.

In the meantime, we may or may not be getting an answer on one of MHH's job prospects for next year by tomorrow. He had an interview yesterday, and we are hopeful.

Oh, and I just ordered the cat food. It's a record, I think--more than a week in advance!

Stay tuned, as always, to this exciting channel.

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