Sunday, April 27, 2008

Motzai yom tov

We had, B"H, a lovely lovely Pesach--possibly our nicest ever, but I think I've been saying that every year for the last five.

More bulletins soon, but right now, it is time to bring out the boxes and put away the Pesach--a little sadly. But there is the knowledge of Cheerios tomorrow morning to console me. And I can also look forward to taking the boys on a surprise doughnut run tomorrow afternoon. Just one of the many reasons I love being a mother--the power to occasionally shock little boys' lights out by buying them doughnuts for no obvious reason other than that I can.


miriamp said...

So I want to hear the story about the marror! (You didn't quite promise, but...)

miriamp said...

Umm, I meant that more politely, of course.

And I'm glad to hear the rest of Pesach went so well.