Wednesday, October 17, 2007

18 months

Iyyar had his 18-month checkup yesterday. Considerately, he chose that very morning to break out in a neck-to-toes bright red rash which would have impelled me to to take him to the doctor that day anyway--so he spared me a second trip. (Not really though--we didn't do any shots because of the rash, so I'll have to go back for those, but at least it will be a scheduled-in-advance visit.)

Iyyar, incredibly, is still only in about the thirtieth percentile for weight. Where is he putting it all? He eats Barak under the table, and me too sometimes. 55th for height. He weighs 24 lb 8 oz, which I need to remember the next time he gets a fever and I need to figure out how much Tylenol he gets.

Developmentally... well. I think he is fine, personally, and as I told the pediatrician, "My natural inclination is to worry myself sick over everything, and I think he's fine, so he probably is." Is he talking? Not really. A few words here and there, and you can't elicit anything out of him ever. Stacking blocks? No, but he attaches Lego. Will he kick a ball? No, but he can catch one if you throw it right. Does he know any body parts? Will he point at his nose if you ask him where his nose is? No. Any pretend play? Um, not really. He'll pretend to talk on the phone sometimes. Reciprocal play? I thought, but did not say, yes, he loves to drop things down the front of my shirt and goes into hysterical laughter if I do the same thing to him.

Then we come home. This morning, I put my finger on my nose. "Iyyar, where's your nose? Can you show me your nose?" Iyyar puts his finger on his nose and grins. Then, when I turn my back, he starts dropping things off his high chair tray, as per usual. Only this time, he's saying, "Uh-oh! Down! Uh-oh! Down!"

I really think he was just waiting till after the appointment to start.


miriamp said...

Oh, that's normal. We came home from NL's 2 yr appointment, where I had said to the Dr.: "I think it's developmentally appropriate, but we've had some really early talkers, and she doesn't really have sentences." After we verified that she had tons of words, she just wasn't making them into sentences yet, the Dr. said she was fine. We went home, and that very week she started talking in phrases. Now, only about 2 weeks later, she's talking in sentences.

We've done it with various kids -- "s/he's not rolling/crawling/pulling up/walking/talking yet..." We go home, baby starts rolling, crawling, pulling up, walking, talking, whatever. I think they listen (even the infants) and say, "oh, was I supposed to be doing that already? I'll get to work on it."

Only thing it hasn't worked with yet is potty training. That's always been on a completely different schedule than the Doc and I think it should be on... usually later, but then it's fast and relatively easy.

jasmin said...

They do that, you know. Just to drive you crazy.

What was the rash?