Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inhale, exhale

Grandma E emailed me this week and reminded me that Avtalyon is about to turn two. He is indeed. She thought he deserved his own post, and he does. I have another week for that, though, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, things here are... moving along. It's decision time for next year, and Option #1 of 1 is Go To Israel. The big question is how and where; whether he'll get into the program he wants, whether I'll be allowed to telecommute, whether we'll try to sell the condo or rent it out. Big decisions, big changes.

And one way or another, we are moving, which means that I'm going to have to pack up this apartment. With four children in it. And a husband. Who has... stuff. The mind kind of reels.


OneTiredEma said...

I could live with option #1. Although the chance that you will move to Modiin is, I'm guessing, practically nil. But it is a small country. (If you can telecommute, NBN has a big push to go north. Either north or south of the mercaz is way cheaper; but of course like 90% of the jobs--I totally made up that number, but it's plausible, no?--are in area code 02, 03, or Haifa.)

Alisha said...

I would be happy with Option #1 too, as you may have guessed. :-) Good luck!

Penny said...

i'll help however i can. i'm pretty good at packing boxes now... it's the unpacking we don't yet have experience in... ;)

Yasmin said...

By when will you know (1) whether he'll get in, and (2) whether you can telecommute? And I assume when you talk of this, you mean emigrate there, not just spend a year, yes?

Stuff is stuff. Most of it is not worth packing and shipping, unless someone else is willing to take care of both for you. Be ruthless and remember: Ebay and Goodwill. (Take it from someone who has one 10x10 storage unit still pretty full, and husband has another stuffed to the ceiling w/ things from his past that he hasn't opened in almost as long as I've known him.) Keep only what you can't live without.

BTW, he's almost 2?! Just how long have I "known" you, anyway? ::boggle::

Karen B said...

May I ask what "make aliya" is? Sometimes I'm not familiar with all you mention about Judaic practices.

LC said...

"make aliyah" means emigrate to Israel. The term has religious connotations, but that's the practical definition of how it's used.