Monday, December 14, 2009

Two weeks

Two weeks today. Baby B"H seems fine; pediatrician visit tomorrow, which I put off a few days because I was bleeding so much the taxi trip/carseat installation just didn't seem like a good idea. Kids generally adjusting well, although Avtalyon is driving me kind of nuts with the competitive attention-getting and the innocent grabbing at changing pad on top of dresser while newborn baby sister is ON IT. (I was right there with my hand on her, but still--bad idea.)

Mostly I am dealing OK. Just, um, hungry. The baby is not fussy but wants to be held ALL THE TIME, day and night, and is nursing almost nonstop right now; this really does preclude cooking. Generally speaking when someone has a baby in this community people send meals for the first two weeks, but that hasn't really happened this time, for a variety of reasons. So... yeah. We did get Shabbos twice, and weekday meals I think three times. But I think that's all over with now and today at around 5 pm I started feeling dizzy and realized that the only thing I'd eaten all day was... um... never mind. Not adequate, let's put it that way. A friend just offered to pick up a few things at Trader Joe's for me and I'm thinking I'll ask her for some boxed soups and granola bars. The kosher grocery does deliver so I could at least get cheese and I do have crackers. MHH went to the produce store yesterday and got a ton of bananas, although none of them are ripe yet.

And YES, I know it is kind of stupid and petty of me to be grumpy about not getting meals when I make a point of making them for other people whenever asked, especially since I specifically didn't want to ask anyone. Yes. Stupid. And petty. But I'm still hungry. I got the kids red peppers and hummous and made some frozen corn and gave them that with crackers and they seem OK with it--there was just an awful lot of screaming today, and I'm not quite up for it yet.

So, in a nutshell: I am tired. The baby is cute. The kids are as kids with a new baby sibling are wont to be. And I am tired. Oh, and my kitchen is... uh... never mind.

ETA: after I wrote this, a friend of ours turned up with dinner AND the offer to make a Target run for me, which was gratefully accepted. So we had dinner after all and now I even have diapers and granola bars and paper plates and so forth. Today Ada came in the afternoon so I had fifteen minutes to cook dinner. One day at a time...


miriamp said...

Well, then I'll be grumpy about the meals on your behalf. You obviously needed them! Was it all the different food sensitivity/allergy/special diet type issues that played a large part? It would have still been helpful, even if the only person they fed was you so that you could feed the others. Or if they brought ingredients (from your shopping list) instead of meals.

Hope the bleeding is better too. (Do you have a good sling? Hey, maybe now I know what to get you!)

Anonymous said...

It was always nice when people made me meals, but honestly, I don't really like most other people's cooking, and my kids certainly don't.

The granola bars seem like a good plan.

Melissa said...

Mazel Tov on the birth of your newest child.

Not having Trader Joes is hard. I know, we have to travel several hundred miles, if we want to visit one.

uberimma said...

Miriam, I do have a sling, and a Snugli and a My Tai, all of which I use in different situations--right now she is in the Snugli when I go out, which hasn't been often as it's too cold. I just don't like cooking with her in it--feels too dangerous to me.

Tesyaa, got the granola bars, but I LOVE other people's cooking. It always tastes better to me if I didn't cook it. Barak feels the other way--if Imma didn't make it, it is automatically suspect.