Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I love sock yarn. I love the feel of it, the hand-dyed colors it comes in, and I love knitting it on those itty bitty needles (sick, I know, but true). I love how portable it is and how far it goes. What I don't love, however, is putting it on my feet, where no one can see it. So I don't knit a lot of socks.

I do knit other things with it, though. Baby sweaters and hats; sometimes kids' hats; and gloves. Oh, I do love gloves. They take forever and are incredibly fiddly--all those fingers! but when they are done they are, to my mind, about the nicest use to which sock yarn could possibly be put.

I just finished these. Nice gloves, awful picture. It's hard to see the colors but it's black and very dark reddish purple. Grandma E gave me the yarn, which she got in the Socks That Rock sock club and professed not to like. I can see the objection for socks--who wants to knit black socks?--but the colors show up beautifully outside, in sunlight.

Strangely, I myself have only two pairs of handknit gloves. I make them and then invariably think of someone who needs and deserves a really really nice handknitted gift and off they go. Just cast on a pair of these though, in some beautiful gold Koigu I got in the yarn swap with Cyndy lo these many years. (I'm still working my way through those boxes. It will take a while!)



Yasmin said...

Oh, that is a very nice glove. Go on, make yourself a pair. You deserve it. And it'll come in useful.

LC said...

Hey, I have enough projects waiting in the wings, and I'm not even through my first raglan sweater (ever) yet. (I hate seams. I dislike picking up stitches.)

We won't even mention all the things I'm supposed to be doing instead of knitting.

It's not nice to make grownups drool, 'k? :-)