Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's been a week since I gave Iyyar anything with soy or anything processed on dairy equipment (that I'm aware of, anyway). The difference is incredible. First off, he appears to be toilet trained now. Well--he is. He hasn't had any kind of an accident in days, stays dry at night and uses the toilet unprompted. He doesn't say anything about his tummy hurting or crawl into bed miserably after he eats. He's just... fine. And no diarrhea anymore either. He just says he needs to poop, goes into the bathroom, and a couple minutes later I hear a little voice requesting sorbet now, please.

Thinking back, I've been saying for a while, "but he was fine at Pesach!" And now that I think about it, well, there's NO SOY AT PESACH. Not much processed food, either. No rice milk. No funky nondairy yogurts. And when we were in Ithaca, he told me his tummy hurt a lot. What was he eating almost every day? Soy yogurt, which is processed on shared equipment.

I'm still sort of holding my breath, waiting for him to start saying his tummy hurts or that he can't poop. But... so far so good.


shanna said...

So glad it sounds like you may have found a solution. An annoying one, but better than a miserable boy.

trn said...

It does sound like you are on the right track. Yay!