Friday, February 20, 2009

Square one

Last Sunday, Iyyar started looking uncomfortable. And didn't poop. Monday same. Tuesday, he started in with the kind of crying and screaming we haven't seen since early January. Wednesday was more of the same, and last night he woke up at 10 hysterical, rolling around on the floor and wailing that his tushy hurt and he couldn't poop. My friend Yehudis, in a great act of chesed, drove over to the 24-hour drugstore for us at 11 at night to get suppositories--which didn't work (and by the time she came over, he was all happy again, after an hour of Grover videos in my office). Then he started crying again, then he fell asleep, then woke up screaming with a dirty diaper (but not dirty enough) at around 3 am. This morning he seemed okay, woke up on his own and wanted to go to school, because he's supposed to be Shabbos Tatty today. We got as far as the door of playgroup when suddenly he fell apart. "I don't feel good..." and we turned around and went back home, by way of the drugstore, where I picked up more Miralax, even though I don't think it does him a bit of good personally.

So, looks like starting the dairy again was a mistake. He got the second pinworm pill yesterday--so that can't be the problem, because he was already miserable before that. I talked to the GI doctor's nurse practitioner yesterday, and have another call in today. They don't seem to have any more ideas. The stool samples came back negative for parasites and all his bloodwork, B"H, looks good. But clearly, there is something wrong.

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Wendy said...

I don't know who I feel worse for, you or Iyyar. I wish I had some magic mom experience to share that would help. Unfortunately, I don't. Have a good Shabbos.