Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Chanuka just ended yesterday and we finished it off in the traditional jelly-filled sugar-topped way, with sufganiot. And it reminded me of a granny story, possibly one of my favorites.

I was sitting in my granny's kitchen watching her fry doughnuts (fank) which were to be filled with homemade apricot jam and eaten warm. If you've never tried this, well... what can I say, you haven't lived. Anyway, there I was in the kitchen, watching this very normal thing (granny frying doughnuts) when suddenly it hit me what I was seeing.

She was turning the doughnuts. In the boiling oil.

With her fingers.


It's better in Hungarian, but this is the exchange that followed:

Nagymama, az Neked nem faj? Grandma, doesn't that hurt?

Granny smiles without looking up. Most mar nem. Not anymore.

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shanna said...

I think I love Granny.