Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bald, fat, and almost toothless. But very happy.


Alisha said...

Adorable. But would you care to explain shmitta peaches? Is there something particularly special about them that I'm missing?

LC said...

Fat? Not fat. But very cute!

uberimma said...

He's got 3 chins!

Barak was in single-digit weight percentiles at this age, so he seems fat to me, I guess. But in a good way. :)

shanna said...

LC - I've seen your kids. This one is fat. :)

As for this one, or more particularly this subject line, I say that was should all begin and end life this way (though ideally with many many intervening years).

LC said...

He's got 3 chins!

My skinny kids can manage 2 anyway.

But I think it's genetic - when I'm not at my skinniest, *I* have 2 - and my 6 YO is happy to tell me it must mean I'm fat. Granted, I'm short, but barely 100 lbs. I guess to a 32 lb almost 7 YO, that's fat. (Did I mention we're ALL short? Can I trade these genes in for another pair?)