Thursday, June 19, 2008

T minus FIVE DAYS!

And I have so much left to do...

The big thing that happened this week is that Sarah the Wonderful
is singlehandedly enabling us to go to Israel by taking Emese the cat for us while we're gone. Wait a minute, I hear you thinking. Sarah lives in Michigan. I don't know where Uberimma lives (or maybe I do) but I'm pretty sure she and Sarah don't live in the same city. Or state.

We don't. We most certainly don't. We don't even live in adjacent states. Enter Hermando, the Kitty Chauffeur, who I think is probably referring to me as the "gringa loca" even now, because I am paying him (gasp, choke, choke) to DRIVE MY CAT to Sarah's house.

Along with a batch of latkes that I have yet to make.

But will, as soon as I draw up a rental agreement for the family who is renting our apartment while we're going. Oh wait. I didn't mention that part? That in addition to packing, we're getting our place ready for someone else to live in. Yes, well... there's that. Oh, and I'm still working. And all that.

But Barak filled up his whole sticker chart, and tonight went to sleep enraptured by the strains of "When a Felon's Not Engaged in His Employment". So really, it's all going pretty well.

1 comment:

Yasmin said...

Bored, are you, so you come up with more to do before you go?

I'd help if I were closer, honest I would. At least with the latkes.