Monday, September 17, 2007

Car pajamas!

Is he styling or what?


Cecilia said...

Very cool!
How will you be able to get him out of them in the mornings?? :)

uberimma said...

It wasn't easy. And once he had them off, he tried to put them back on.

k. said...

I want cat pajamas. More specifically, I want to be the cat's pajamas.

k. again said...

Oh, man, I'm a dolt: I misread that as cat pajamas.

This is another reason why I should not be allowed to comment on blogs. I'm a sloppy reader. It's my secret shame.

(I also want car pajamas, though I don't necessarily want to be the car's pajamas).

shanna said...

Forget the pajamas - I can finally see your Bright! Orange! Wall!